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Costa Rica Tours Jaco

Views in and around the area of Jaco are everywhere! Located on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Jaco is a seaside town full of fun with a variety of activities.

Although the beach is likely the largest city of Costa Rica throughout the year will not be aware of the multitude of tourists because Jaco only receives a lot of people some holidays. These are the New Year holiday, the week of Christmas, Easter and Independence Day in Costa Rica, September 15. As one of the closest beaches to the citizens with the Central Valley, where half of the country’s population, Jaco Vacation  make a popular holiday destination. And the number of visits Jaco offers something for everyone.
Not only near the central valley, Jaco is located near other major destinations for your holiday activities. This strategic location offers excellent travel Jaco. Almost all types of travel Costa Rica has to offer is available in Jacó.

Adventure, sports, nature, whatever.

Jacó in this sense is a good starting point for a trip to Costa Rica. The famous beach of Playa Manuel National Park is an hour south, through palm plantations, with other beaches along the way. Surf is known in this field and has a vague way Jacó ideal for learning to surf lessons, private or group can be arranged.

Other good surfing beaches near Esterillos comprise less than half an hour south and Hermosa, 10 minutes south for experienced surfers.
Other fishing excursions, water sports such as Jaco, kayak, catamaran and snorkeling. Ocean kayaking is a great physical activity for individuals, couples, groups or families. There are many different features that make boat tours that will take you to unspoilt destinations inaccessible by land. There is a catamaran day trip excellent. There are islands with colorful spots and snorkel private coves that make for a romantic getaway or family fun. Jaco another trip for whitewater rafting is adventurous. It is also a day trip to the mountains and rafting truck back to the coast.